Kbg Logistics - Crazy KBG driver truck #7004

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We were driving on 95N when a white tractor trailer truck #7004 cut us off in the far left lane to pass a slower driver in the middle lane. We had to break hard/ swerve out of his way!

(Trucks are not allowed to use the left lane!!!). After the KBG driver passed the slower car he erratically moved back over to the middle lane. When we got ahead and caught up, I flipped the KBG driver off to notify him he made a dumb move, and the insane KBG driver decided to try to run us off the road ( again the far left lane), pushing us inches from the center cement median! We called 911, reported the driver to Johnathon Cruz the safety mgr of KBG Logistics who said they take these things seriously.

After calling Johnathon the next day, he never followed up with us (after he talked to his driver). Insane, irrogant Driver got away, due to not killing us or causing damage to our car! Because we didn't have a dash cam, we have no evidence to get him off the road! No wonder they advertise for drivers on their trucks!

Maybe they should get new safety managers too!

You can see by the photo he was in the left lane! #KBG Logistics, #Insane driver

Product or Service Mentioned: Kbg Logistics Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Crazy drivers.

Preferred solution: Fire driver!.

I didn't like: Insane drivers they hire, Poor safety mgr attention.



Why would you flip the bird to someone driving a semi??? That is extremely childish of you.

People like you should have their license' s revoked for road rage! And then you cry like a baby and decide to call the cops and waste their time to try to save you after you acted a fool??? Seriously??? You do not know what semi drivers have to deal with every day dealing with people like you in the road who think they own it!

And by the way d.u.m.b.f.u.k...ALL trucking companies are always hiring drivers and have the ad on the back if them.

Get out of your Mommy's basement and grow a brain! Or better yet....stay in your Mommy's basement forever cause you don't need to be on the road!!!

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